The timeline of the EBU Token development and implementation strategy going forward.

Technical & Strategy Development Roadmap

  • May2021

    EBU Token Platform Creation

    Research and planning, Technical Primer

  • Nov2022

    Preparations for Listing on Exchange

    Partner and Advisor collaborations

  • Jan2023

    Investor solicitations and seed distribution

    Prelaunch distribution and Private Sales

  • Mar2023

    EBU Token Launch

    Public Token Sales and Marketing Initiatives

    Token Bridge – Wallet connections

    Q1 Development and documentation Report to Board of Directors and Board of Trustees

  • Jun2023

    Beta Version of EBU Token to listed 500 Student Ambassadors

    Beta Version implementation for use with the EBU Student Ambassador programme.

    Reduce payments friction

  • Aug2023

    Beta Version of EBU Token – Deployed to 15,000+ Students and 80+ global Partners

    Implementation for students and EBU partners.

    Reduce payments friction

    Incentivised Learn-to-Earn in Metaverse with (click link)

  • Sep2023

    EBU Token Implementation for all transactions

    Full implementation of the EBU Token across the University and all programs