Launching EBU Token to connect people with education worldwide.

EBU currently has over 17,000 students in 177 countries, 120 partners and 330 ambassadors worldwide.  Access to traditional financial services in many locations can be challenging for some stakeholders, and the implementation of the EBU Token seeks to facilitate payments for the students and the student ambassadors, increasing the program’s reach. EBU projects the following outcomes:

  • 50,000 students by Sep. 2023
  • 160 partnerships by Sep. 2023
  • 5000 ambassadors by Sep. 2023
  • Tuition Payment and Investment Options
  • Global Partnerships with transaction utility for funding students
  • Payment rewards for Student Recruitment Ambassadors


IDO Characteristics - In Depth

The EBU Token IDO has the following characteristics:

  • Total fixed maximum supply: 20M
  • Token starting price at IDO launch: =$1.20
  • Retained for the development and marketing costs: 2M
  • Distribution for airdrops: TBD
  • Committed to initial liquidity pools and staking pools: 400K
  • Miscellaneous fund amount: TBD