Invest Smarter with EBU Currency. Bringing Education to a New Level of Access.

EBU token is an Open Source project.  EBU Token seeks to support the adoption of cryptocurrencies in developing countries by creating an ecosystem in which the exponentially growing EBU stakeholders have the option of using the EBU Token for payment and investment services.

EBU - The Institution

An Institute for the real world. Providing foward thinking, real world solutions to make education affordable, equitable, and accessible.

EBU Scholarship Program

Exponential growth. Linking thousands of students to affordable education. 100,000 students and 10,000 ambassadors by 2025.

Well-qualified Professionals

EBU Staff and Professors have many years of practical business experience in their fields of expertise. EBU teaching methodology focuses on developing a pragmatic approach to business.

EBU Certificate Programs

Certificate programs offered include Business Administration,Data Science and AI, Education and Finance Courses