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Invest Smarter with EBU Currency. Bringing Education to a New Level of Access.

EBU token is an Open Source project.  EBU Token seeks to support the adoption of cryptocurrencies in developing countries by creating an ecosystem in which the exponentially growing EBU stakeholders have the option of using the EBU Token for payment and investment services.

EBU - The Institution

An Institute for the real world. Providing foward thinking, real world solutions to make education affordable, equitable, and accessible.

EBU Scholarship Program

Exponential growth. Linking thousands of students to affordable education. 100,000 students and 10,000 ambassadors by 2025.

Well-qualified Professionals

EBU Staff and Professors have many years of practical business experience in their fields of expertise. EBU teaching methodology focuses on developing a pragmatic approach to business.

EBU Certificate Programs

Certificate programs offered include Business Administration,Data Science and AI, Education and Finance Courses


What is EBU Token?

The objective of the IDO is to raise funds to facilitate the operation of the EBU program.  As more students and partners join in the program, the increasing numbers make the venture financially feasible and thereby will increase the transactional and intrinsic value of the EBU Token.  EBU Token, as an Open Source project, will invite developers and white hackers to examine and test for possible malicious, backdoors and loopholes that can be exploited.  EBU intends to invite the smart contract auditor Certik.


Global Investments Distribution



Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the University decide on a token?

To make payments cheaper and more efficient for students in over 40 countries

Will EBU profit from the token sale?

EBU remains a non-profit institution and all proceeds of the sale go to enhancing operations

How do I get started?

Read the White paper and contact our Launch advisor – Nodeseeds at

Will this EBU Token be cheaper to transact than paying directly with a credit card?

Yes, there are fewer fees.

If I buy EBU Token to make payments, will the value change and will I risk a loss?

The value of EBU Token may change, however you can put your payments in a stable coin.

I am a student Ambassador, does this affect me?

All student Ambassadors will be paid in EBU Token and can benefit from the lower transaction fees when receiving Learn As You Earn awards

I am an EBU student, do I need to use EBU Token?

No. However the Commitment Fee will now include much higher transaction fees.

Where can I buy EBU token?

Visit this page for regular updates.

Is EBU token a safe investment?

The value of EBU Token may go up and it may go down. It is an investment. If you do not want the potential risk or potential gain, you will need to use the Stable Coin for quick entry and exit.

I have submitted a purchase application form but have not received any communication. What should I do?

After submitting the purchase application, you receive an application confirmation email. This email gives you the instructions of how to proceed with your purchase. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it.
If you can’t find it, please contact us at from the email address you input in your application.

I want to make some changes to my application, what should I do?

Please contact us at However, please note that you can only change your receiving address before the sale ends.

Is it possible to buy the Token by the amount lower than the minimum price?


Where can I find selling prices of the token sale?

See the EBU Token page

Which wallet do you recommend for receiving EBU Token?


Can I cancel my application after payment?

No, this is not possible.

How do I find the sending address in my wallet?

This is usually the same as the deposit address, but you should ask your Cardwallet support.

  • 7% Seed Round
  • 14% Private Sale
  • 2% Public Sale
  • 10% EBU Administration Team
  • 2% EBU Advisors
  • 5% Liquidity
  • 50% EBU Student Community
  • 8% Marketing
  • 2% Reserves


Launching EBU Token to connect people with education worldwide.

EBU currently has over 17,000 students in 177 countries, 120 partners and 330 ambassadors worldwide.  Access to traditional financial services in many locations can be challenging for some stakeholders, and the implementation of the EBU Token seeks to facilitate payments for the students and the student ambassadors, increasing the program’s reach. EBU projects the following outcomes:

  • 50,000 students by Sep. 2023
  • 160 partnerships by Sep. 2023
  • 5000 ambassadors by Sep. 2023
  • Tuition Payment and Investment Options
  • Global Partnerships with transaction utility for funding students
  • Payment rewards for Student Recruitment Ambassadors


IDO Characteristics - In Depth

The EBU Token IDO has the following characteristics:

  • Total fixed maximum supply: 20M
  • Token starting price at IDO launch: =$1.20
  • Retained for the development and marketing costs: 2M
  • Distribution for airdrops: TBD
  • Committed to initial liquidity pools and staking pools: 400K
  • Miscellaneous fund amount: TBD


Everything to get you started

EBU Token

Find out more about EBU here.

Seed Round
Private Sale
Public Sale

How to buy EBU Tokens - COMING SOON

Further details regarding purchasing options COMING SOON.

EBU Token Dex: 300k EBU paried with 250k
ICO Price 1 EBU Token = 0.6USD
ICO Date 1 December 2021 (23:59 UTA+2)
Market Cap at Launch USD750.000
Circulating Supply at Launch 1.250.000





Payment Options


Referral & Bounty

To be advised.


Who We Are

Get to know the team of enthusiasts who are working hard
and passionately behind this project

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    Dr. James Mulli

  • 1_JG5jz-ub0zdO4kjA0_ncWA

    Florian Hermet

  • Maria-C-Image-300x300

    Cristina Torrado

  • Kubra-Erden-279x300

    Kubra Erden

  • Dr.-Helene-Meadows

    Dr. Helene Meadows

  • Dr. Frank

    Dr. Frank Billingsley

  • Pic Hubert Joo-Kitano-crop

    Dr. Hubert Joo

  • Josefina Bengoechea

    Josefina Bengoechea


The timeline of the EBU Token development and implementation strategy going forward.

Technical & Strategy Development Roadmap

  • May2021

    EBU Token Platform Creation

    Research and planning, Technical Primer

  • Nov2022

    Preparations for Listing on Exchange

    Partner and Advisor collaborations

  • Jan2023

    Investor solicitations and seed distribution

    Prelaunch distribution and Private Sales

  • Mar2023

    EBU Token Launch

    Public Token Sales and Marketing Initiatives

    Token Bridge – Wallet connections

    Q1 Development and documentation Report to Board of Directors and Board of Trustees

  • Jun2023

    Beta Version of EBU Token to listed 500 Student Ambassadors

    Beta Version implementation for use with the EBU Student Ambassador programme.

    Reduce payments friction

  • Aug2023

    Beta Version of EBU Token – Deployed to 15,000+ Students and 80+ global Partners

    Implementation for students and EBU partners.

    Reduce payments friction

    Incentivised Learn-to-Earn in Metaverse with (click link)

  • Sep2023

    EBU Token Implementation for all transactions

    Full implementation of the EBU Token across the University and all programs